Articles by Patrick Niland


A Financing Alternative for Capital Improvements
Habitat Magazine, March 1997

Dial 'M' for Mortgage
Seven Steps to Successful Refinancing
The Cooperator, January 1997

A Six-Step Program for Boards
Plan Ahead for a Healthy Financial Future
The Cooperator, April 1996

Making Ends Meet
by Improving Your Building's Cash Position
The Cooperator, February 1996

The Greenspanning of the Market
New York Real Estate Journal, February 1995

Murder on the Interest Rate Express
New York Real Estate Journal, October 1994

What's Happening in the Financial Markets
Has All Hell Broken Loose?
Upstate New York Real Estate Journal, April 1994

Know the ABC's of Mortgage Refinancing
New York Real Estate Journal, February 1994

Underlying Mortgages
A Practical Guide to Refinancing
The Cooperator, March 1993

Adding Up the Tab
Know What Your New Mortgage Will Cost Before You Apply
Habitat Magazine, December 1992

Play it as It Lays
Here Are Some Ideas to Help You Avoid Gambling Away Your Co-Op's Financial Stability While Refinancing
Habitat Magazine, September 1992

Management Sunny-Side Up
Power Breakfasting with a Financial Phil Donahue
Habitat Magazine, June 1992

At the Mortgage Mart
Sorting out the Choices in Underlying Financing
Habitat Magazine, September 1991

Six Steps to Success
Knowing How to Deal With Lenders Can Make Refinancing A Lot Easier
Habitat Magazine, August 1991


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