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PATRICK NILAND is President of First Funding, a mortgage brokerage firm with offices in Rochester. First Funding specializes in underlying mortgage loans and credit lines for cooperative and condominium apartment buildings throughout the greater New York area. Mr. Niland has over twenty years of real estate and finance experience. At different times during his career, he has been a banker, a developer, a property manager, a sponsor's representative, and president of his cooperative's board of directors. This varied background gives Mr. Niland a unique understanding of the issues confronting board members who are about to refinance their cooperative's underlying mortgage. Mr. Niland holds an undergraduate degree in engineering and a masters degree in finance (with distinction) from the University of Michigan. He is associated with many real estate and financial organizations, including the Council of New York Cooperatives, The Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives, and the National Association of Housing Cooperatives. He is the author of Mortgage Words and The Cooperative Refinancing Handbook as well as frequent articles for various publications like HABITAT and The Cooperator magazines. Patrick Niland
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349 West Commercial Street
Suite 2200
East Rochester, NY 14445
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